Monthly Archives: June 2012

I’ve finally complete my Foundation course! The exhibition was on Thursday and loads of family and friends came…even two of my old art teachers! So here’s what it looked like.

“Exploring memory and my family history. The imagery is based on my collection of old family photographs and ways memory can distort over time. I have limited personal experience with my family as most of them live in Bulgaria, and some died before I got a chance to meet them. The ‘family tree’ is chronological; my great grandparents at the roots, with my mum pregnant with me at the top – the only image I’m in.”


My mum’s boyfriend and I spent the majority of today revamping the balcony outside our front door, making it more like home. It took us a while to choose, carry home and re-pot everything but I must see we’re very proud! I also bought an adorable little Aeonium for my room!